Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spankin' New Logo

If you're looking at this blog post then you've probably noticed the new logo on the top :)

This is a new marketing strategy I'm using to put on packaging, note cards, business cards, promo stuff, magnets...etc. I also decided that if the illustration is holiday or event themed (such as Autumn, Halloween, Christmas etc) the color scheme can be easily changed to match, all the while keeping the form and feel of originality.

Ive been thinking a lot about how I want to brand myself because of the 12 Week Challenge I'm currently working on. I think it's important to brand yourself as a business as well as an artist. Ive skipped ahead a few challenge weeks, but because of current freelancing projects I felt that I needed to address this part sooner.  Here are some questions I've been asking myself;
- What kind of logo or image can be universal enough to stamp on the back of a professional print or a silly birthday card?
- Do you only want to use images of your new and changing illustrations to promote yourself?
- Or should you include a simple logo that can be consistantly repeated and identified by clients?

Anyway, some food for thought for any fellow illustrators reading this :)

As always, Your comments and opinions are eagerly welcome.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fox Sketches

I have some friends who are working on their own animation project about a fox sorta like Zorro. They aren't really cartoonists so they asked me to help them flesh out this character for animation. Instead of using an actual mask I utilized some natural markings I saw on some reference photos.
This is a page of one of the character designs I came up with.