Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's nearly DECEMBER!!

Holy Cow, has this year flown by already!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is now behind us and the New Year is creeping up.  It's good tho I guess to have 2011 almost in a close. It's been a hard year for a lot of people I know and we've all been ready to start afresh with 2012.

However, we still have a good 30+ days left that we need to get through :) And within those are more days of school annnnnnnd..... CHRISTMAS! I absolutely love Christmas time! I think my favorite part of it is the atmosphere of warmth and being with family... oh and the smells! I don't know why but this part of the year just explodes with yummy smelling things.  Candles, baking, pinecones, christmas trees, fireplaces, and even the smell of your heavy coats haha! I'm completely soaking it all in!

This part of the year is always super busy with so many things happening at once. As most of you know, I am teaching in a couple elementary schools and this next week I'm going to be starting a new art curriculum that will run til the end of the year.  It's a great opportunity and a fantastic experience, I think, to be able to see how these kids respond as they don't have a regular art program built into the system.  I'm a little nervous but I think it will work out fine.

In other news, I've been spending most of my time outside of work  down at the local community theater.  We're putting on the show "White Christmas"! It's full of tap dancing, jazz numbers, fantastic costumes, and a really really great cast.  It's been so fun to be a part of it! I'll be glad to have some time to myself after all this though haha, it takes a lot out of you. We've been going since October and we open next friday.

With all this going on, I'm sad that I haven't had time to get more work done. I really wanted to have a Christmas postcard to send out but every time I have a day free, I'm either down at the church helping my dad out or I'm getting costumes ready, time just seems to fill up magically!  I am working on a special commissioned Christmas project for a friend that I can share after the holiday.  Its going to be so epic, I can't wait!

Until then, I hope and wish all of you a very special and memorable holiday!