About Me

Hi Everyone!

Ever since I can remember I've been drawing and doodling on things. Most of them were on the appropriate surfaces ;) I had all kinds of drawing books and how-to-draw steps that I used for references and copied, but it wasn't until 4th grade when I (and my parents) really had an inkling about how much I loved to draw and how good I was at it. My 4th grade teacher was an artist who had worked for Disney Animation and incorporated art into most of the school lessons. My favorite day of the week was Wednesday, which was our "Art Day", and the entire school session would be focused on a topic related creative project. I thrived that year!
After that, I kept up with fine Art classes in a studio in our city and enrolled throughout Jr High and High school in the art department. After attending a Jr. College for a few years , it dawned on me how much art was a part of my life and I didn't want to study anything else. I transferred over to California State University Long Beach as a Studio Art major, built up a portfolio, submitted and was accepted into the BFA program for Illustration. It's a higher credit degree that specializes in Illustration rather than a BA in Studio Art that involves an overall education in multiple medias.  I also went through the curriculum to receive a Certification in Bio-Medical Illustration.
Now after graduating, I'm pursuing the big wide world of Freelance Illustration. My dream is to have a career in Children's Illustration whether that be books, education materials, games, toys etc...

Here's to the Journey!

Thanks for checking out my blog and illustration process. Hope to see you around in the comment sections :)