Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's nearly DECEMBER!!

Holy Cow, has this year flown by already!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is now behind us and the New Year is creeping up.  It's good tho I guess to have 2011 almost in a close. It's been a hard year for a lot of people I know and we've all been ready to start afresh with 2012.

However, we still have a good 30+ days left that we need to get through :) And within those are more days of school annnnnnnd..... CHRISTMAS! I absolutely love Christmas time! I think my favorite part of it is the atmosphere of warmth and being with family... oh and the smells! I don't know why but this part of the year just explodes with yummy smelling things.  Candles, baking, pinecones, christmas trees, fireplaces, and even the smell of your heavy coats haha! I'm completely soaking it all in!

This part of the year is always super busy with so many things happening at once. As most of you know, I am teaching in a couple elementary schools and this next week I'm going to be starting a new art curriculum that will run til the end of the year.  It's a great opportunity and a fantastic experience, I think, to be able to see how these kids respond as they don't have a regular art program built into the system.  I'm a little nervous but I think it will work out fine.

In other news, I've been spending most of my time outside of work  down at the local community theater.  We're putting on the show "White Christmas"! It's full of tap dancing, jazz numbers, fantastic costumes, and a really really great cast.  It's been so fun to be a part of it! I'll be glad to have some time to myself after all this though haha, it takes a lot out of you. We've been going since October and we open next friday.

With all this going on, I'm sad that I haven't had time to get more work done. I really wanted to have a Christmas postcard to send out but every time I have a day free, I'm either down at the church helping my dad out or I'm getting costumes ready, time just seems to fill up magically!  I am working on a special commissioned Christmas project for a friend that I can share after the holiday.  Its going to be so epic, I can't wait!

Until then, I hope and wish all of you a very special and memorable holiday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"oh... I love... my pretty little flower... "

Have you guys seen Young Frankenstein? You know the little girl who's sitting by the well that sings that song? well, that's all the words and she repeats it over and over and over and over... and I've had that in my head the whole time I was painting tonight. So... TAG, you're IT! heehee

Tonight I was working on the cover for a commissioned booklet.  I forget how much fun watercolor can be. It can also be a bit intimidating if you try to think too much about it. But I find that if I just jump in and work from the lightest to darkest, you at least have a game plan. The rest will fall into place.

I wanted to post up some work in progress pics and then post the final image :)

This is the beginning stages, I worked up some washes of lights and since this flower was so vibrantly red, I didn't have a lot of yellows or pinks to add in. I don't normally like "local color",  which is basically light and dark of the same color hue, so I've tried to take some liberty and add in different tones of red. 

here you can see a bit more, I've used some magenta and added in some yellows on top of the red. To get the deeper tones, I did washes of pure violet on top. It doesn't change the red too much but definitely makes it richer.

Here's the final image :) after I was finished, I scanned it and removed the paper scribbles in photoshop and enhanced the red back to the original color.  The scanner sometimes tends to wash things out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I certainly got into the mode of painting and this project inspired me to keep these paints out!

Have a great rest of your week!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Plantable Seed Paper

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Summer has been a busy time! You'd think that not being employed would give me more time on my hands, but apparently word gets around that you're available haha.  I went a lot of places, helped a lot of people, did GREASE at the local theater, and got a job! I'd call that a successful summer :)

The last few weeks have been pretty busy still, I started at my new job about a month ago and it takes a bit to get into the schedule of things and teaching is a whole new experience for me. So far so good, though! I've begun the design and editing for the Womens' Society booklet this year and that segues to the topic of this post.

I came up with a garden-esk theme for this year.  Last year was fancy jewelry and lace so I wanted to bring something to this one to make it rival the former.  I'm watercoloring a bright floral design on the cover, then inking it, and as end papers to the booklet I'm adding in some plantable seed paper! I'm really excited to see how the ladies react to this part. They FREAKED (in a good way!) over the actual lace I included last year as end papers, and as they pretty much all have gardens I'm hoping this paper gets the same reaction.

I ordered multiple sheets of this 8.5 x 11 petaled paper.

If you are interested in looking up how this works, I ordered from this company: Botanical Paperworks They have some big clientele such as Starbucks and Martha Stewart, so I'm really anxious to see it in person. Actually, I remember getting a Starbucks card for Christmas that came in a plantable little envelope. I didn't plant it because it was so cute, but it was remembered for sure!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The week that just kept on going!

Wow! what a week!

Talk about having a billion things going at once.  It's times like these where I really need to set up a calender/scheduler thingy.... it's pretty sad i don't even remember what they're called.  You know, those things where you write down what you have to do.... oh a PLANNER! ahahahaha! Yes, Yes! I need one of those!

(that whole paragraph is proof I do not premeditate my blog posts... maybe I should start)

Anyway, yes last week was crazy with a capitol C! It was filled with tech rehearsals for Grease (just in case you didn't know, I'm cast as Patty Simcox :) with our local community theater), I was trying to get all my costuming accesories together for opening performances all weekend, I had a job interview on thursday that I GOT!, I then had to get a ton of paperwork together for the hire packets, I had a freelance job for 300 tickets plus flyers and posters that I designed and had to get printed - which I did myself as well as cut, perforate, and bundle everything, I went into the theater to help paint for a bit... the list just went on and on!

But I can say that everything was done on time and the week flew by!  With it came two huge accomplishments as far as my little business goes.
1. I rocked the heck out of those tickets and flyers for a new client that will hopefully be repeat business. *fingers crossed*
2.  I landed a job that involves me teaching ART! I will still have time to do my freelance on the side and I'll be getting paid to develop the arts (music, drawing, and maybe drama) in elementary schools.

Another cool thing about this position is that, from what I understand, the Art section they've been doing the last 2 years is relatively new.  The program for many many years has been a lot of music and drama.  I'm the only "artist" of the group.  I'm excited to be able to help/work with the other staff and figure out new ways of teaching the basic concepts.

This week has been pretty busy too, but not nearly as hectic as last.  I'm hoping to have a couple things up to show you guys soon.  The last couple projects haven't really been things that I can put on here because of personal/contact info and to blur it out would be the entire thing.

So hang in there with me :) I promise to have some stuff soon!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illustration update

Hello to all this fine hot July day!

Phew! this year seems like it's going by like lightening! I can't believe it's already at the halfway point. It's sad really that there hasn't been that many things this year that have made me stop and appreciate it. I'm sorta just going a light speed and paying it no mind.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys a little heads up on some projects I'm working on. I've been given the opportunity to pick up a couple freelance projects this last week that are exciting and I have an interview for the Arts Technician job within the school district this Thursday! Wish me luck! :) It would give me a great opportunity to make a bit more $ hourly than my last job and still give me more day time to do freelance. Now that I have my website up and running, I need to focus on getting content up every chance I get.

That's it for now :) I'm off to do a bit of designing. 

Hope everyone in the US had a fabulous 4th of July holiday!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disneyland's Soundsational Parade!

Another Disney post?!

Yes! For those of you who don't like Disney (to each his own) I promise that this has a tie-in to Illustration! :)

The newest parade at Disneyland Park was designed by the Illustrator team of Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.  Both have an extensive amount of previous work that has been available at the park.  Besides the parade they've had a lot of acknowledgment for their sculptures of past Disneyland merchandise and attractions. The parade floats you'll see in the pictures below were designed first as paper sculptures! That's right... no clay, no plaster... only paper! Then obviously they were built to full size after "fine tuning" (haha!) everything.

The whole of the parade is based off of percussion instruments mostly. It kicks off with a drumline doing all kinds of tricks and beats as they walk down the route. Most of the performers in this part were actually in the film "Drumline" that came out a bit ago.  You can also see in the picture below that Mickey has a set of drums too! Disney hired professional musicians for a lot of this parade.

drumline, Mickey & Minnie

Aladdin comes up next, which is pretty much the typical float and belly dancers, I didn't get a very good shot of it. But the best part is the little monkey Abu who follows behind. He clashes his symbols in time to the music.  I don't think Abu has been a part of any Aladdin attractions before.

Then Ariel appears behind her floating sea creature dancers! Her float is so pretty with all the bright colors.  She actually spins around 360 degrees so everyone on each side can see her and what under the sea float would be without bubbles! The octopus has all sorts of movement up there on the top.

Ariel and Friends
This little guy was cracking me up! He was so random and was just chilling towards the back of the float haha I don't know if he has a counterpart on the other side or if there is a similar awkward type character but I had to show you guys.

Next up was a tribute to The Three Caballeros! They haven't been a part of a Disney attraction in a really long time. I love their costumes and little bubble butts with tail feathers! (is that weird? ... probably...)

Then came the token Princess float. The only real difference I saw in the float design was the addition of Rupunzel's tower.  But really, how many princess floats can one design before they all start to flow together? (I was always secretly glad Ariel gets her own float ;P)

Simba followed suit with his entourage of African dancers, Turk, and King Louie.  It was fairly simple in this section, but cool to see a throwback to the Lion King parade.  Simba's drum float is similar to the one you'll see Tinkerbell has in a bit.

Tiana and her showboat came right behind.  This one was pretty cool! The boat is modeled after the Mark Twain and included musical instruments in the architecture. The "water" reflected on the underside of the boat too.

Next up was Tinkerbell and some generic fairies.  Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee, and some pirates also danced around her float.  Tinkerbell, I'm pretty sure was a drummer too. She had some bongo type looking mushrooms at the top of her drum.

Last, but not least, comes my favorite float of them all! Which probably is exactly why its the big finale section.  Mary Poppins comes through with her gang of Chimney Sweeps and the most magnificently designed float I've ever seen.  It's so intricate and amazing.
The Chimney sweeps come through with their dance number and then Mary and Bert ride around on their carousel horses!

it's a BIKE!
Ok, now remember how at the beginning I told you guys that this was all originally designed with PAPER?

Here's the rest of Mary Poppins's float .....

It was so good!  Some parades are hit and miss (the ones you run to the attractions during) but this one definitely works for me.  I wouldn't mind standing and watching it more than once.

Now after all this, it makes me laugh about how many times uninformed people automatically think "books" when the word Illustrator comes up in conversation.  Now you can add "parade float design" to the list of examples to give them ;)

If you would like to see more pictures i took of the parade, here's a public link to the album on my facebook:
Soundsational Parade

Monday, June 13, 2011

I did it!!

I finally got my website up!!

Granted, I had to sway a bit from the original plan, but it's up and it's doing it's job! :)

I still have plan A, which is doing it through wordpress and headway, but I was stuck going around in circles to get it up.  I needed to work on more content, but I needed to learn how to import and set up all the pages, but I didn't have things to import, and I needed to get my business cards printed, but I needed my website up, but i had to learn how to import before I advertised... blah blah blah... (head bash against the wall)

SO! for now, I've signed up with and set up a simple website with my own domain. It looks awesome and I can direct people to a professional looking site off my business cards. It feels so good to have at least something up! Now I can focus on getting more work posted and marketing myself.

And Now... (drum roll please!) .... I present to you all, for the first time on the internet... 

If you have any critiques or suggestions or anything, please leave a comment :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

lil' update

Hey guys!

So sorry for the lack of posts around here. Eeek! it's been too long!

I've made some serious headway on my website and all I need to do now is import and arrange the illustrations how I want.  It's super exciting to finally have a site up with my own domain and be able to print out the business cards I have designed! so many things finally coming together :)

I was on a little vacation but I plan to put up a post on some really cool illustration related stuff I saw along the way.  (Yes, it involves Disney... but it's awesome and also involves illustration, I promise!)

Till then, here's a photo of a super excited me on monday at Disneyland, in line for The Little Mermaid attraction!  guys, it's an artist's heaven.  It's like a color pallette threw up all over the inside of the building. I almost cried it was so much gorgeous eye candy.

mom, my sister, and me

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Would Superman and Spongebob be friends?

Why WOULDN'T Superman and Spongebob be friends??

I've been told that my thought processes are extremely random. haha For example: I can finish a conversation up about what we ate for dinner last night and with the next breath ask if anyone knows where I can find Rainbow Bright socks.  It leads to many spoken questions and sentences where I only get confused looks and stares back as an answer. ....Actually, this happens quite often.... 

Yesterday, I was laying on my bed trying to take a short nap and of course, like always, my brain didn't want to settle down to let me sleep.  After a gazillion thought processes running through my head I all of a sudden realized that I was trying to think of (and PLAN) a situation where I could compare Diane Keaton to Lady Gaga.  Oh! if only I could insert that into a conversation!!

Why on earth would I waste my time thinking about that? LOL

So I started thinking again... (mayday! mayday!)... is thinking randomly like this is a reason why I love storytelling and illustration?  Getting involved in such dramatic and off the wall situations and topics? It's so much more entertaining than having conversations of the weather. How much better people would we be if we didn't take ourselves so seriously and let in some imagination to our lives.  Who says you can't have a bacon cupcake? or carve a wooden box that looks like a sandwich? (Jennie made one!)

So, I guess my answer would be that, while I don't know if it makes a GOOD story or illustration if it's more random, but it definitely keeps you on your toes and interested!

I'm silly, I'm RANDOM, I'm interesting, I'm different, I'm Me :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

a taste of having a "big girl job"

This is a bit different than my other posts, but just as fun :)

All my life, especially the last 4 or 5 years, I've never really felt my "age".  When you're younger it's looked upon as being immature and probably somewhat irritating to some, but as your years start to add up it can actually be a blessing in disguise.  I would bet that a lot of you who don't know already, based purely on a random picture of myself, would not be able to guess my correct age.  My poor sister, who's almost 4 years younger, gets asked frequently if she's the older one haha (I'm thinkin' it's because of the wedding ring, sis ;p )  And no, I'm not telling you how old I am! LOL

Anyway, I still feel like a kid a lot of the time and "Grown up" jobs are somewhat intimidating.  I bet a lot of the reason I love drawing and storytelling is a part of that.

Yesterday, I went with a friend (a grown up! haha) to a school she teaches an Arts program with.  It's pretty cool actually, they have different quarters in the school year and teach art, music, and drama to each class for 45 mins at a time.  Well, the director of the program let me tag along with a teacher to see what the job was like and if I would want to submit my resume' for a position in the fall.  I was a little bit nervous at the beginning of the day, I'm not gonna lie.  See, I don't have issues really with talking in front of kids or hanging out with them and I have plenty of experience in all of those subjects, but I've never had to be the disciplinary.  There's definitely a distinction between being the "fun helper" and the "Teacher".

She picked me up in the morning and we set off talking about what the day was going to be like.  Turns out, my friend has no clue about teaching beginning drawing, the subject of the rest of the school year.  Soooo very cleverly (I was swindled! LOL) the tables turn and I'M teaching the classes!!

In all my work experience, and maybe it's just my luck, the first day of a new job has never had the regular training for rookies.  Somehow, the person who's supposed to train me never shows up, or quits, or they can't find anyone... blah blah blah. I always end up getting thrown into it and flying by the seat of my pants.  So, for this situation, it was old hat :) She gave me the worksheets, went over a bit with the order of them and said "Do what you do!"  And let me tell you.... I did what I did!! 

It was so much fun! First, I had a mini discussion on what an illustrator was and did.  I showed them examples of illustrations they see every day and wouldn't think about, for example: classroom posters, the t-shirts they had on, sandwich baggies, pencil designs, their binders etc. I also had brought my portfolio along to show them what I did and explained my process what the exact same way I was going to teach them that day.  Then we got down and dirty with learning how to look for simple shapes to help yourself draw (lots of rectangles and triangles!) and then how to make them look 3 dimensional.
All the kids had fun and didn't really have any that acted out or misbehaved (those that had some issues, were dealt with by my friend haha).  But it was a very interesting experience on teaching and keeping the kids engaged with what you're doing.  It was surprising to me how many kids are soo hard on themselves :( if they cant do something right away, they give up. Maybe its the generation, maybe its the parents, i dunno... but it was sad.

All in all, it was a good time :) I learned a lot just by observing and who knows... maybe I'll be doing it for reals in the fall!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's on my desk? Scribly Scribblies

Just a quick peak at some sketcherdoodles I'm messing with today.  These will eventually turn into another canvas painting. :)

it's a little dark, sorry for only phone pics
(Those chicken legs crack me up! lol)

I'm working on trying to find interesting perspectives.  So many fun scenes can look boring if they're all in profile with simple shapes.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendship Roses

It's a new week and I have another little goody for you!

First a little backstory (I don't think I ever tell anyone anything without one actually...).  This project was a gift for my mom, sorta for Mother's day but after... haha The backstory is that she loves yellow roses and I mean LOVES them. She had them in her wedding, every anniversary, special occasion, etc... you get the picture.  Well, whether by coincidence or accident, every house that we've ever lived in has had a yellow rose bush or tree on the property so it's kinda been a silly little thing we always laugh about.

When my parents moved up to this house, my mom didn't know it at the time, but there were no yellow roses planted anywhere. There were red, pink, orange, white, practically every other color but sadly no yellow.  :(  One of my dad's friends heard my dad talk about how it was kind of sad that our yellow rose streak would be broken and decided that there was no reason for it! He went out and bought a small yellow rose bush to give to them as a going away gift  :)  So now every time it blooms the little bush outside reminds my parents of the friends and family we left behind in Orange County. 

My mom has since named it the Friendship Roses and asked me to make her a little sign to put in front of it so people know it was a special gift. Last week we went to Michaels and she picked out a cute little wooden sign that I handpainted for the roses. :)

I used all acrylic paint and just watered it down to create stains. The Gold is an actual gold leaf paint. (Note: If you try this, be careful about keeping the gold leaf on your brush too long, it might ruin the hair)

The gold leaf is going to look really cool in the sunlight!

Hope you guys have a great rest of your week!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So excited I want to cry! New Little Mermaid attraction at Disneyland!

I know this really isn't illustration related, but I have to share this with you guys because it involves my favorite animated film. 

As a HUGE Disney lover, I eat up any information on anything new coming out of both the Imagineering and Animation departments.  The parks have always been such a great retreat for me to get out of the troubles of the day (or year!) and let myself be immersed in a land of story and excitement. No one can do it better than Disney.  No one!! I mean honestly, think about what you feel as you walk under the railroad tunnels into the beginning of Main Street. With a view of victorian era buildings bursting with gorgeous storefronts, wonderfully themed music surrounding you (Hello Dolly is my favorite!) and a Castle waiting for you to boot! How can it get better?

With THIS!

 (All attraction images are from recent Dateline Disney articles)

The Disney Parks blog released another video this week of the soon to be opened attraction (June 3rd) based on The Little Mermaid! Can I even relate to you guys how excited I am that she finally has a credible attraction? Probably not! haha Most have been meet & greet type set ups and there was (now Pixie Hallow) a fountain section on Main Street at the Disneyland resort that was themed beautifully to the film, but it deserved it's own attraction.  Now, finally!, after 20 years... its Here!

Here's the video from the park's blog :)

You can bet I'll be standing in line with a giant cheesy grin on my face for no matter how long it takes!

Although I wish that Ariel had been able to be placed in Disneyland park itself, she was gifted with a gorgeous building made specifically to house this attraction. The talented imagineers did such a wonderful job with details.  Oh! did I mention part of the color scheme is TEAL? I think the artists snuck a peek at my color pallets haha! The animatronics are gorgeous like you saw in the video, there is a huge mural in the loading area, and at night the stain glass windows are lit to reveal incredible underwater scenes. I just really can't say enough about how well everything has gone for this, there have been a lot of attractions in the last oh ... 10 years! that haven't gone so well for Disney.   I was really hoping this one wouldn't follow suit.  Good Work Disney!

I can't guarantee this won't be the end of my excitment on this haha! It opens just a few days before I get to go to the park in June! So I will for sure be sprinting to this attraction and of course... what would complete the package? An Ariel souvenir! ;P

  I'll be sure to take some pictures and share :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's on my desk?

Still pluggin' away at some current projects. Here's a peek at a handful of character sketches :)

This guy is a "special" pup.. he'll be fun to pose and get his quirky personality in an illustration.

He's a party pooper...

These two were fun to figure out!  They're "an old Jewish couple" according to the character descriptions haha!
The ram is hard of hearing so we incorporated a hearing device into this horn.
 Little more exaggerated in this one...

Last, this guy was a little more difficult. He's described as being a New Yorker, hopefully I achieved some sort of that attitude. 

so ya!  I sent these over to be reviewed, which means you might see some more with changes later.

I'm planning and getting supplies together for a couple new projects and doing sketches for another canvas painting to go with the piggies! Stay tuned for lots more soon!

Have a great week guys!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cute as a button!

Hi guys!!

I told you I had something else up my sleeve to show you :)

As I wrote in my last post, I went to a baby shower for my cousin (Sarah) this past weekend.  This is the gift I made for her little boy and my other cousin's (Michaela) little boy.  So many boys!!

I've been trying to think outside the box and do more things that are illustrations but are also things people can use. Not just a cute painting or a fun card, but something that can be worn, or used, or taken places etc. So here's my little attempt at making some cute shower gifts for my cousinses. :)

Two little onesies!

I made them matching onesies that say "Cute as a Button" along the side! I made them two different sizes as Sarah's peanut, Brody, is still cookin, haha! And Ephraim (I hope I spelled it right) has already been there, done that!  This way they can match :)

These were really easy to make, if any of you wanted to try it.  I bought the onesies at Hobby Lobby but you can get them anywhere.  I washed them first because they were 100% cotton and I didn't want things to be shrinking after I applied the iron on backing.
Next I took an extra blue kids t-shirt we had from a musical last summer, cut out the circle and painted the face on.  Next I cut out some Wonder Under (WU) that is slightly smaller than the blue circle; I want the edges of it to come up and curl to add a bit of texture instead of a flat image.  Last, I followed the directions to apply the WU by ironing it to the blue circle first, peeling off the back, and then ironing it on to the onesie.  That particular backing is supposed to be able to be washed and cleaned without separating.

Here's a close up for you ...

Hope you guys liked these, I sure had fun making them. I can't wait to see both matching babies!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Roll! Roll! Roll in ze Mud!

I'm so excited to show you all this illustration! It's finally finished and it was SO MUCH FUN! I found myself smiling and giggling out loud sometimes while painting and I'm not ashamed because I love doing this! THIS is what I do! It's what makes me happy :D

(so if anyone would like to donate to the Annie Hobbs Illustration fund... please see my contact information! hahaha jk :)

A little background on what this piece was done for, my cousin Jessica had her 2nd little munchkin, Ally, a few months ago and I told her I would do a couple paintings for her as a gift.  She has done up her kiddo's room as a sort of cowboy/farmyard theme and these are to go with her decor.  This is the first of the two! It was meant to be a surprise, but she's been dying to see it and since she wasn't at our other cousin's baby shower this weekend.... she missed out on getting to take it home! Technically, it's still a surprise because she will see it in it's final form today hopefully.  Jessica, you should have come!! I can't keep my fans waiting! ;P

Here's the final illustration!
(*click on the picture to view them larger*)

Acrylic on Canvas

I wanted you guys to know too, I took these with my camera phone so I know the clarity isn't perfect. To be honest, I've been hearing a lot about work getting ripped off of blog posts and it's made me a little worried about final illos like this one. I don't like watermarks, but I don't know if slightly blurry pictures are any less detrimental either. What do you guys think? I'll definitely include a professional photograph on my website portfolio, but I'm not so sure about putting it here. For now at least.

I also thought it would be fun to do some progression shots!

Here's some of the process so you can see how the canvas started and sort of what areas I focused on first.

I worked from the background with more subtle color choices to the foreground with a much brighter and bolder color range.

I utilized a lot of bright under painting with this and it worked really nice! I loved the warmth and tone it set while I built up the texture and rendering. 

Here's a shot of my poor desk! I have so many things on there that I'm trying to find space for haha

And here's one last shot of the momma pig... she's so fat and cute and silly! She makes me giggle :)

So there is the first of two in my "Barnyard Series" :) Again, I had so much fun painting this, although I have to confess, I'm really not a fan of acrylic paint! I've tried a few times with not a lot of success to use this type of paint and I really don't like it! I'd much rather use my watercolor and gouache instead.

Maybe it's because it dries super fast or the brushes I have aren't that good and go all wonky... I get frustrated because I can never get the amount of detail I want. I know that's probably weird to some of you... I dunno...

Until tomorrow!

I have another set of SUPER CUTE things to show you! get your "Awww-factor" on!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Daylight Wasting time?

Is there such a thing?

I think so, because I'm doing it!! Unintentionally of course. But still the same. I'm accidentally slipping back into the time frames I had when I was at school.  Which of course might not be a bad thing unless you know... you'd like to actually see the SUN!
see? the sun is nice
Unfortunately, my brain has reverted to it's extremely annoying and incredibly inconvenient tendancy to become most creative when it's time to sleep.  I've always been that way (I inherited it from my mom... thanks MOM!) and it was a good thing during school, as I worked a lot, so night was an opportune time to get things done.  However, now... as I have an entire day which can be devoted to working on my skillz (haha) itsa not so good! Now it makes me sleep late into the morning and I feel like I've wasted a huge chunk of my day.

Exhibit A:

I'm writing this blog at 1:40 am.  why? because my brain is WIDE AWAKE!! O.O
i should not draw at 1:40am...
Exhibit B

Is the pure fact I got up, got my wacom, plugged it in, opened photoshop, and sat here to draw out illustrations (horrid as they may be) to help explain my dilemma.

Not even my scrumptous cupcake pajamas and my zebra shower cap with a teal bow could make me sleepy.

ok now you're curious huh...
that's my late night interpretation of zebra stripes. no judging.
so with that... I'm going to try and get some sleep as all this mindless (tho somewhat productive) sketching has brought me to the 2:05am mark.

I need to try and get some sleep or I will sleep past lunch and miss out on all the things I need to get done. That would not be good. At all. And not help me in any way, shape or form.  ...which would fall under the "At all" category actually.... buuuuut Moving ON!

To all of you other sleepless compadre's I bid you adieu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12/11 Sketch

Does anyone else wanna go to Disneyland?

I am prepared to rock some ears....