Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendship Roses

It's a new week and I have another little goody for you!

First a little backstory (I don't think I ever tell anyone anything without one actually...).  This project was a gift for my mom, sorta for Mother's day but after... haha The backstory is that she loves yellow roses and I mean LOVES them. She had them in her wedding, every anniversary, special occasion, etc... you get the picture.  Well, whether by coincidence or accident, every house that we've ever lived in has had a yellow rose bush or tree on the property so it's kinda been a silly little thing we always laugh about.

When my parents moved up to this house, my mom didn't know it at the time, but there were no yellow roses planted anywhere. There were red, pink, orange, white, practically every other color but sadly no yellow.  :(  One of my dad's friends heard my dad talk about how it was kind of sad that our yellow rose streak would be broken and decided that there was no reason for it! He went out and bought a small yellow rose bush to give to them as a going away gift  :)  So now every time it blooms the little bush outside reminds my parents of the friends and family we left behind in Orange County. 

My mom has since named it the Friendship Roses and asked me to make her a little sign to put in front of it so people know it was a special gift. Last week we went to Michaels and she picked out a cute little wooden sign that I handpainted for the roses. :)

I used all acrylic paint and just watered it down to create stains. The Gold is an actual gold leaf paint. (Note: If you try this, be careful about keeping the gold leaf on your brush too long, it might ruin the hair)

The gold leaf is going to look really cool in the sunlight!

Hope you guys have a great rest of your week!

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