Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The week that just kept on going!

Wow! what a week!

Talk about having a billion things going at once.  It's times like these where I really need to set up a calender/scheduler thingy.... it's pretty sad i don't even remember what they're called.  You know, those things where you write down what you have to do.... oh a PLANNER! ahahahaha! Yes, Yes! I need one of those!

(that whole paragraph is proof I do not premeditate my blog posts... maybe I should start)

Anyway, yes last week was crazy with a capitol C! It was filled with tech rehearsals for Grease (just in case you didn't know, I'm cast as Patty Simcox :) with our local community theater), I was trying to get all my costuming accesories together for opening performances all weekend, I had a job interview on thursday that I GOT!, I then had to get a ton of paperwork together for the hire packets, I had a freelance job for 300 tickets plus flyers and posters that I designed and had to get printed - which I did myself as well as cut, perforate, and bundle everything, I went into the theater to help paint for a bit... the list just went on and on!

But I can say that everything was done on time and the week flew by!  With it came two huge accomplishments as far as my little business goes.
1. I rocked the heck out of those tickets and flyers for a new client that will hopefully be repeat business. *fingers crossed*
2.  I landed a job that involves me teaching ART! I will still have time to do my freelance on the side and I'll be getting paid to develop the arts (music, drawing, and maybe drama) in elementary schools.

Another cool thing about this position is that, from what I understand, the Art section they've been doing the last 2 years is relatively new.  The program for many many years has been a lot of music and drama.  I'm the only "artist" of the group.  I'm excited to be able to help/work with the other staff and figure out new ways of teaching the basic concepts.

This week has been pretty busy too, but not nearly as hectic as last.  I'm hoping to have a couple things up to show you guys soon.  The last couple projects haven't really been things that I can put on here because of personal/contact info and to blur it out would be the entire thing.

So hang in there with me :) I promise to have some stuff soon!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illustration update

Hello to all this fine hot July day!

Phew! this year seems like it's going by like lightening! I can't believe it's already at the halfway point. It's sad really that there hasn't been that many things this year that have made me stop and appreciate it. I'm sorta just going a light speed and paying it no mind.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys a little heads up on some projects I'm working on. I've been given the opportunity to pick up a couple freelance projects this last week that are exciting and I have an interview for the Arts Technician job within the school district this Thursday! Wish me luck! :) It would give me a great opportunity to make a bit more $ hourly than my last job and still give me more day time to do freelance. Now that I have my website up and running, I need to focus on getting content up every chance I get.

That's it for now :) I'm off to do a bit of designing. 

Hope everyone in the US had a fabulous 4th of July holiday!