Monday, November 8, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

update 11/3

Hey everyone :)

Just a little update from the home front!

Project Postcard was a success! YES! It was my first time going through that process with an original work so it was super exciting to rip open (and yes, I mean that in a literal sense!) the box and with a beam of light (not really) gaze upon the fruit of my labor; My beautiful Halloween postcards. :)

Hopefully, everyone who wanted one received theirs already, but if you didn't just let me know and it will be sent to you pronto! Late's better than never :)

Sooo with that happy event now over, I've immediately moved onto a few more projects.  I've started working on some Christmas cards and envelopes that will be available to purchase hopefully in the next couple weeks. Im trying really hard to get these out in time for people to use them. Otherwise they'll go into a secret vault in my Annie cave where they won't see the light of day till next year. Or in my drawer.

Another exciting thing I'm working on right now is my new Website!! YAY!!  I've purchased the domain name, hosting site and I've got some framework up that now need to be worked out. If anyone has any advice on page elements or things you have in your sites that works really great, please send it my way.
Ive been following the advice of Jon and Lea Woodward and using they're 12 Week Challenge kit.

It's been soooo helpful and they've got some excellent advise on setting things up the right way.

So far I've used:

I'm also thinking about using Headway as a Wordpress theme, but I haven't completely decided on it yet.

Well that about wraps it up :) Keep checking back because there's a lot of stuff in the works! Hope you all have an excellent week.