Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cupcake Apron!!

This was the most frustrating project I've ever done, but it turned out soooooo cute!!
Let me just say, I'm NOT a sewer(?) at all and the so called "Easy" patterns for this design were NOT so Easy! Somebody lied...
Anyway, hahaha I decided to make this Craft Apron for my sister for her birthday. She's into making costumes and fun little pjs and whatnot on her little sewing machine. Before the apron and matching pin cushion I gave her she was using this little basket and a Victoria Secret dog (you know the ones they always have for special promotions that you put on the gift boxes?) well, she was using that as a Pin cushion. The dog looked like a Voodoo experiment... :/ So I decided she needed something that was usable for her craft and looked super cute!

The apron has 4 main pockets and then 2 small pen pockets or a place to put a seam ripper.

Without further adieu.... TA-DA!

The cupcake pin cushion is just tied on for now and she can take it off if she wishes. There's an elastic loop for scissors right underneath it too. The back ties are a white ribbon. I loved the way it turned out. I ended up finding a denim material that I used for a backing to make it a little stiff, otherwise it was very floppy and didn't hold up well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Charcoal Drawings

These are some Illos I did during school in an Anatomy for the Artist class. Super fun projects and I learned a lot about using the space of the paper.

This first piece is of a made up creature. I combined a lion, eagle, and a mustang. It was really fun doing. This was the turning point in school where I realized the impact of this creature would have been stunning if I had done it a LOT larger!

This 2nd piece is a life portrait that had to be pretty much lifesize. I love saltwater fish and creatures so of course I turned myself into a mermaid! DUH! haha! this took two sections of 2ft wide butcher paper so you can see how big it is. It's very hard to get a photograph of it, but I need to document this better. So much fun to do, it kinda makes me want to do another...