Saturday, May 28, 2011

Would Superman and Spongebob be friends?

Why WOULDN'T Superman and Spongebob be friends??

I've been told that my thought processes are extremely random. haha For example: I can finish a conversation up about what we ate for dinner last night and with the next breath ask if anyone knows where I can find Rainbow Bright socks.  It leads to many spoken questions and sentences where I only get confused looks and stares back as an answer. ....Actually, this happens quite often.... 

Yesterday, I was laying on my bed trying to take a short nap and of course, like always, my brain didn't want to settle down to let me sleep.  After a gazillion thought processes running through my head I all of a sudden realized that I was trying to think of (and PLAN) a situation where I could compare Diane Keaton to Lady Gaga.  Oh! if only I could insert that into a conversation!!

Why on earth would I waste my time thinking about that? LOL

So I started thinking again... (mayday! mayday!)... is thinking randomly like this is a reason why I love storytelling and illustration?  Getting involved in such dramatic and off the wall situations and topics? It's so much more entertaining than having conversations of the weather. How much better people would we be if we didn't take ourselves so seriously and let in some imagination to our lives.  Who says you can't have a bacon cupcake? or carve a wooden box that looks like a sandwich? (Jennie made one!)

So, I guess my answer would be that, while I don't know if it makes a GOOD story or illustration if it's more random, but it definitely keeps you on your toes and interested!

I'm silly, I'm RANDOM, I'm interesting, I'm different, I'm Me :)

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