Saturday, June 11, 2011

lil' update

Hey guys!

So sorry for the lack of posts around here. Eeek! it's been too long!

I've made some serious headway on my website and all I need to do now is import and arrange the illustrations how I want.  It's super exciting to finally have a site up with my own domain and be able to print out the business cards I have designed! so many things finally coming together :)

I was on a little vacation but I plan to put up a post on some really cool illustration related stuff I saw along the way.  (Yes, it involves Disney... but it's awesome and also involves illustration, I promise!)

Till then, here's a photo of a super excited me on monday at Disneyland, in line for The Little Mermaid attraction!  guys, it's an artist's heaven.  It's like a color pallette threw up all over the inside of the building. I almost cried it was so much gorgeous eye candy.

mom, my sister, and me


Lori-Lee Thomas said...

I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go to Disney Land/World. Oh well, never too young to go! Hehe! :D

~S~~~~~ said...

ok, i know i said i was going to sleep... but then something popped into my mind while i was laying there in the dark... so i had to explore it, then some how i ended up on your blog... and just saw this picture again... were you a little excited to go to the Little Mermaid attraction? haha!!!