Monday, June 13, 2011

I did it!!

I finally got my website up!!

Granted, I had to sway a bit from the original plan, but it's up and it's doing it's job! :)

I still have plan A, which is doing it through wordpress and headway, but I was stuck going around in circles to get it up.  I needed to work on more content, but I needed to learn how to import and set up all the pages, but I didn't have things to import, and I needed to get my business cards printed, but I needed my website up, but i had to learn how to import before I advertised... blah blah blah... (head bash against the wall)

SO! for now, I've signed up with and set up a simple website with my own domain. It looks awesome and I can direct people to a professional looking site off my business cards. It feels so good to have at least something up! Now I can focus on getting more work posted and marketing myself.

And Now... (drum roll please!) .... I present to you all, for the first time on the internet... 

If you have any critiques or suggestions or anything, please leave a comment :)

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