Monday, September 12, 2011

Plantable Seed Paper

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Summer has been a busy time! You'd think that not being employed would give me more time on my hands, but apparently word gets around that you're available haha.  I went a lot of places, helped a lot of people, did GREASE at the local theater, and got a job! I'd call that a successful summer :)

The last few weeks have been pretty busy still, I started at my new job about a month ago and it takes a bit to get into the schedule of things and teaching is a whole new experience for me. So far so good, though! I've begun the design and editing for the Womens' Society booklet this year and that segues to the topic of this post.

I came up with a garden-esk theme for this year.  Last year was fancy jewelry and lace so I wanted to bring something to this one to make it rival the former.  I'm watercoloring a bright floral design on the cover, then inking it, and as end papers to the booklet I'm adding in some plantable seed paper! I'm really excited to see how the ladies react to this part. They FREAKED (in a good way!) over the actual lace I included last year as end papers, and as they pretty much all have gardens I'm hoping this paper gets the same reaction.

I ordered multiple sheets of this 8.5 x 11 petaled paper.

If you are interested in looking up how this works, I ordered from this company: Botanical Paperworks They have some big clientele such as Starbucks and Martha Stewart, so I'm really anxious to see it in person. Actually, I remember getting a Starbucks card for Christmas that came in a plantable little envelope. I didn't plant it because it was so cute, but it was remembered for sure!

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