Friday, April 15, 2011

Daylight Wasting time?

Is there such a thing?

I think so, because I'm doing it!! Unintentionally of course. But still the same. I'm accidentally slipping back into the time frames I had when I was at school.  Which of course might not be a bad thing unless you know... you'd like to actually see the SUN!
see? the sun is nice
Unfortunately, my brain has reverted to it's extremely annoying and incredibly inconvenient tendancy to become most creative when it's time to sleep.  I've always been that way (I inherited it from my mom... thanks MOM!) and it was a good thing during school, as I worked a lot, so night was an opportune time to get things done.  However, now... as I have an entire day which can be devoted to working on my skillz (haha) itsa not so good! Now it makes me sleep late into the morning and I feel like I've wasted a huge chunk of my day.

Exhibit A:

I'm writing this blog at 1:40 am.  why? because my brain is WIDE AWAKE!! O.O
i should not draw at 1:40am...
Exhibit B

Is the pure fact I got up, got my wacom, plugged it in, opened photoshop, and sat here to draw out illustrations (horrid as they may be) to help explain my dilemma.

Not even my scrumptous cupcake pajamas and my zebra shower cap with a teal bow could make me sleepy.

ok now you're curious huh...
that's my late night interpretation of zebra stripes. no judging.
so with that... I'm going to try and get some sleep as all this mindless (tho somewhat productive) sketching has brought me to the 2:05am mark.

I need to try and get some sleep or I will sleep past lunch and miss out on all the things I need to get done. That would not be good. At all. And not help me in any way, shape or form.  ...which would fall under the "At all" category actually.... buuuuut Moving ON!

To all of you other sleepless compadre's I bid you adieu.

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