Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11 Sketch

I'm on a spending ban... which means of course that I want to buy EVERYTHING!

The nail polish brand OPI has a new collection coming out based on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It features a lot of pastels for spring and summer with the funnest names based on the movie.

The one I'm particularly excited about is this one entitled "Mermaids Tears"

Mermaids Tears
 Isn't this such a beautiful color?  I have a crackle black nail polish I got a couple weeks ago also by OPI that would look so fun on top of this!
Other colors include:
Skull and Glossbones - a bone grey color
Steady as She Rose - a light pink
Planks a Lot - a purple
Sparrow Me the Drama - a cool bright pink
Stranger Tides - a sage green
& a Silver Shatter
(all of these will be out in May 2011)

Wait... Isn't this supposed to be a sketch of the day?? YES! haha Here's the tie in...

The name of this nail polish got me thinking. If Mermaid tears were sold as a medicine or herb, how would one bottle it?  They'd have to be some pretty intense glass or something to hold it in because from what I've heard about these tears is they can be pretty powerful.  I imagine you'd have to bottle in a thick glass like a pure oil with a cork top and it would be sold by a holistic (is that the right word?) shop.  You know, where you'd find crows feet, or sage bundles, or lizard eyeballs... (i dunno, go with it!)
So ya! that's my take on it anyway.  I'd imagine they'd be more blue that teal and be sparkly and shiny like pixie dust. What do you guys think?

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