Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Challange Day 1

ok I need to put a disclaimer on this one because although I don't think i did a horrible job.... haha this sketch needs help!
I'm not very good at using an Intuos tablet and the only experience I have is using it in one class in my entire school career. Even then it wasn't my go to method for working on the computer. Soooo I'm forcing myself to get better on it with this challenge and it will be interesting to see how far I come (or don't) by next month. You know the saying... "Practice makes BETTER!"

so here's the sketch for today...
he needs a little help... he has a "leaning problem"

My dad and I met up with my cousins today and went on a hike.. er well maybe like 10 mini hikes all over the place :) But I'm pooped! This sad little penguin is a bit how I feel right now. haha I'm ready for bed!!

This was a short sketch, I want to keep them loose and not put a huge amount of time put into them to make them perfect.  This is a sketching exercise and while I want to make them worthy of showing, I think it would be unfair to post "finished" sketches.  That's not really the point of this. I bought the Intuos4 last year knowing that I need to become accustomed to using it and haven't had the chance to really focus on learning it well.  Now's the time!

Anyway, So long till tomorrow! :)

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