Friday, August 20, 2010

Roy Rogers and Annie Oakley

My Uncle's Birthday is this month and my mom wanted to make something special for him. He's hard to shop for in that he doesn't really need anything, so we came up with the idea of a specialized card with a poem she wrote about them growing up together.
One of their favorite games as kids was playing "Roy Rogers and Annie Oakley". So naturally I HAD to take advantage of 2 kids in fantastic cowboy gear and come up with an illustration. (the Annie Oakley costume is based on an outfit I had when I was three. I was pretty cute, not gonna lie)

Anyway, here's the final product I did this evening! Still deciding if we're going to make it the cover of a card or if we're going to frame it next to the poem.

*** WARNING*** Any family members who may be reading this... NOT a WORD to Uncle Bud! Its a surprise :) Ok, everyone... As you were!

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Lauren Gallegos said...

Very cute!! I think your uncle is going to love it! :)