Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Facebook Giveaway!

Hey guys!!

*Sigh* Yes, I'm still alive.

I wanted to send out a short blog blurp about a facebook giveaway for my Illustration page!

I recently hit 100 followers or "Likes" and am hosting a giveaway for a hand drawn original postcard by yours truly to be sent out to the winner.
I'll be posting the official rules, start and ending time tonight on my page so if you are not presently subscribed to my page here's the link to do so Annie Hobbs Illustration - don't miss out!

I've not only got the give away to announce but I also have a pair of blank shoes ready for paint AND a new commission piece to be posting about!!

See you back here soon!

Most amazing Ariel Balloon art I've EVER seen! 

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