Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dr Who Shoe Commission

Hey Guys!!

I can finally show you all one of the projects I've been working on!! The Recipient has had them shipped to her and she loves them. :)

I was asked to do another pair of shoes, except these were to be themed after the British series Dr. Who.  Megan sent me a clear idea and inspiration photos for the tops of the shoes, but let me have creative license for the sides and the back.  I had a really fun time working on these and I even added a few extra things to make them extra Epic! You kinda have to when you're dealing with a Dr. Who commission. Just Sayin'...

Anyway, here is the front of the shoe that was designed by the client. she wanted the lace area to mimic the wardrobe of her 2 favorite "Dr's".

Side view, I painted a Galaxy theme and added in a glitter to the star area so the sun will make them sparkle!

On the backs, I painted a Dalek - 2 separate robot characters that go with the light/dark of the front of the shoe

Here's another view of the 2 side by side

Here's the video I shot for Instagram.  You can really see the sparkle on the sides!

Now, for the extra EPIC part! I couldn't get a photo or a video of it as the camera just could register.... but these shoes GLOW IN THE DARK!! Yup! That's right! The front white sections of the Tardis, the stars of the galaxy, and the main front light area of the Dalek's all glow in the dark! I can't tell you how many times I took them into a dark room just to see it all glow again. haha! 

If you're curious what type of shoes these are, I believe they were purchased at Walmart, but they're basic "Keds" type canvas shoes.  If you're interested in having a commissioned pair from me, I can paint on any canvas shoe surface.  I've also done a pair of Toms. I use regular acrylic paint and craft paint, neither will come off with water.  Once the paint is on, it's not going anywhere unless for some reason the fibers of the shoe come off.  I mix the paints with a certain amount of water so it really soaks deep down into the canvas.

Thank you guys for checking out my work! I have had a some interest on doing another pair so I hope to have another version to show you!

Have a great week!!

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