Friday, August 28, 2009

Art Dump #1!

Thought I should post some of my artwork from the last few semesters. These are for a class I re-took in my last semester. I had previously enrolled with a teacher who was ready to retire and I really didn't learn anything in it so I decided to retake it with a teacher who is really great and I learned sooo much more! He really helped me solidify my decision on getting the Bio-Medical Certification. Anyway, here are the main projects from that class.

This is a Bio-Medical illustration about plaque and infection in felines. First layer in Prismacolor marker and then a final layer in a limited palette of Prismacolor pencils.

This is a color pencil rendering of a barnacle cluster and a really awesome spiky clam-type shell. I tried to find the most challenging and interesting objects I could. It took a lot of patience but so worth it.

This is of an abalone shell. It's a layer of greyscale Prismacolor markers and then Prismacolor pencils on top. It was a very complicated piece, but I loved the challenge.

This is a Bio-Medical rendering of the inside atriums of the heart. I explored a lot with the point of view, contrast, and lighting. It was really fun to work on, but I only had like 2 nights to get it all done.

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