Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolution: Post more stuff on my Blog!

I gotta get on this thing! I'm making it a priority to get more content on this blog, it's lookin a little shabby... Alrighty! on to it!

This is a page from the book I'm redoing for my Aunt. It's called "The Tail of the Treble Clef Cat". Poor Treble has a long long long tail and he doesnt fit in with other people. This is his favorite fence where he sleeps... he's thinking about all the places he "didn't fit"

This is Treble's thinking tree...
I've got a couple other illustrations and sketches on this story but they're still a work in progress. These two unfortunately were damaged when my apartment flooded last spring and they're slightly warped with a little discoloring. I'm debating starting over with a different medium that's a bit quicker than gouache but I haven't decided yet.

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