Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Things I Found in the Garage this weekend...

First off, let me say that cleaning out the Garage Sucks!! OK, now that I've got that off my chest, lets get to it! ;)

It always amazes me what I find in boxes whenever I move or happen to be in the mood to go through things. Some have incredible memories to them and others usually have a "Why the heck did i buy this?!?" thought after discovery.

Here are 10 Treasures I uncovered from the depths of the Garage...

1. Art Paper - I have no need to buy drawing paper for the next 10 years.

2. 4 Paint Palettes - again, I think I'm good in this area

3. A Bazillion gesture drawings.

4. 2 big Cork boards

5. 2 Boxes packed full of Beanie Babies

6. My entire Pog collection w/slammers and the matching board

7. A Kangaroo Scrotum I bought in Sydney, Australia (yes, you read that correctly, it looks like a marble pouch with colored beads and such)

8. A lightbox of the Virgin of Guadalupe - it has rainbow lights and fake wood stickers on the side. (my sister forbid me to hang it up in our apartment ... i dunno why ...)

9. iZone mini Polaroid pictures I took my senior year of high school

10. 3 Lightsabers - That's right... 3! of which were promptly rushed in the house to my room

There you have it... my eclectic heap of pillaged treasures from the dusty dungeon of a garage!

You know... It would be really interesting to see what other people find in their junk boxes... *hint hint!



Amy Lynn said...

A lightbox of the Virgin of Guadalupe -- I remember the argument well ahhahahhaha

~S~~~~~ said...

i very much remember not only the argument, but the ONGOING argument...
also, I remember the conversation about the box of beanie babies...

Jamie said...

hahahahahaha! i heart you sister!