Monday, May 24, 2010

New Doodles!

Hi Everyone :)

This week marked a very important event in the life of my cousin. She graduated from HS with a full Presidential Scholarship to Cal State Long Beach (My Alma Mater! Whoo Hooo!) So Proud of her hard work and accomplishments.

I did a medium size "doodle" of a wise ol' owl for her present. It's a running theme with us ;) Anyway, I did some acrylic color washes over the drawing on canvas board and then used a bamboo pen with India ink to doodle on the top. So much fun, and I'm totally going to do more of these. A lot of people doodle fabulous art and I don't want to take from their work by doing the exact same thing. I plan to use more of an illustrative take on these. We'll see how they turn out!

Next, I made a doodled card out of colored card stock. This was super easy and got the idea from Artsyville   Here's the link to her Doodle Cards

Hope you guys go over there and try out this cool idea. She's got a ton of other fun things to try as well. :)


aimee said...

oh wow wow wow i LOVE what you did with the doodle cards!! so cool!

karen said...

Such fun doodles! Love it!

Dwight said...

These are pretty cool. Sometimes, I make bigger projects out of my doodles. Its just fun to draw just to draw, without any meaning behind's hard to do that sometimes, cause as illustrators, we're kinda been trained to always have some DEEP meaning with our work. Anyways, good stuff man! Keep it coming!